Why Work with Me

Presenting my foresight framework at an  APF  Professional Development Day

Presenting my foresight framework at an APF Professional Development Day


The depth of my experience. I have worked since 1999 with people in numerous organisations in Australia and overseas to help them use foresight in practice. I am recognised as a leading foresight practitioner globally and I was named as one of the world’s top six women futurists in 2016. I regularly publish and present on using foresight in practice and I bring a process to you that has been refined and made practical since 1999.


Second, I am a practitioner first and foremost. My fundamental mission is to collaborate to see foresight approaches used routinely in organisations. My work with you is therefore about providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to use foresight in your organisation, to embed it in your organisation’s DNA. My book is written to help people new to foresight to use it in their organisations. And if you need help doing that, get in touch.


I personalise my work - with me, you don’t get ‘one size fits all’. You get a personalised service, designed with you to fit your organisation, in your context, for your challenges. I don’t bring predetermined models and frameworks. We design what works for you.


The need to shift mindsets to think about possible futures is not necessarily unique to Thinking Futures but there are not all that many of us in the field globally that have the overt combination of process and people that I put at the core of what I do.

Talking at a Tertiary Education Management Conference.

Talking at a Tertiary Education Management Conference.

Maree’s deep knowledge of the University sector and understanding of trends in libraries was particularly useful, including her contribution to the environmental scanning phase. Her facilitation of the process and final presentation of the report was professional and achieved a good outcome that I was looking for.
— Philip Kent, University Librarian, Swinburne University of Technology


The value my training and experience brings to you is in helping your people recognise their foresight agency – that they can use possible futures today and engage with them, not just observe but to explore and deepen your understanding of change, so you can take action today that shapes your preferred future. Our actions and inaction today create our futures, and I help you base those actions on an integration of the past, present and future so you can be futures ready.