My Services

I provide advisory services and resources to help you use foresight in practice.
Your futures belong to you, not me. So I won’t tell you what your organisation’s future will be.
Instead I’ll help you work that out for yourselves. How do I do that?

I help people surface their individual foresight capacity, their ability to think about possible futures today and to collectively use the insights gained in their organisations today.

Importantly, I help people who recognise three things:

  • first, that exploring possible futures is not prediction and is instead about exploring uncertainty and complexity to expand perceptions of opportunities and possibilities in the present,

  • second, that we all have innate foresight capacities - the ability to explore possible futures individually and collectively - and escaping the cognitive constraints of today’s comfort zone thinking needs all of use to surface and use foresight, and

  • third, that our minds need to open up to possible futures so we can let in the new, the novel and the emergent into our thinking - and that using our imaginations is as valuable as data when it comes to the future.

My Services

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Advisory Support

I bring my 20+ years of experience using foresight to your table. We work together to ensure your people have the capacity & mindset to use foresight to explore your organisation’s possible futures. I provide project support, coaching, mentoring - advice tailored for you, when you need it & how you need it.

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Foresight Resources

My resources are rich and detailed to give you what you need to decide where foresight ‘fits’, the why, how and where to use foresight in your organisation today. Understanding what foresight is and how it differs from strategic planning is the first step, but mindset shifts are a close second. My resources help you do that.


Working with Me

I don’t call myself an expert, nor am I a futurist. I know a lot about foresight in theory and practice but that matters little unless it’s applied effectively in practice. Working with me is collaborative. We co-design and implement processes that help you build your organisation’s foresight capacity.

What I Don’t Do

I focus on providing customised advisory support and high quality resources for people using foresight in practice. That means I don’t do planning workshop facilitation, public speaking or anything of a ‘walk in, walk out’ nature. I do make a few exceptions but only for people I have worked with previously and then only if I have a relationship with them. I have worked out over the last 20 years of using foresight that I work best with people in their environment, and that speeches and one-off types of engagements aren’t where I can provide the most impact for you.

If you think I can help you, get in touch and I’ll be in contact to organise a time to chat.

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