I run free, one hour webinars on thinking about the future. The webinars are publicised on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or you can sign up at the bottom of this page to get updates when new webinars are offered. I'm developing some new webinars for 2017 focused around futures ready organisations. 

Contact me if you have any questions about the webinars, or would like to talk about a customised version for your organisation, dealing with your issues and your context.

Recent Webinars

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NEW WEBINAR: Integral + Foresight = Futures Ready Organisations

This new webinar introduces the concepts of integral futures and foresight and how they can be applied to strategy development to create futures ready strategy and organisations. We cover what these concept are, how they can be applied to strategy development and the types of conversations about the future they will generate for your organisation.

If you know that the way you and your organisation creates and implements strategy is past its use by date, and you want to put the human back into strategy development, this webinar is for you.


How the Webinars Work


We start with a 30-40 minute interactive presentation on core concepts. Then we will have around 20 minutes of discussion/conversation.

All webinars are scheduled using Australian Eastern Standard Time, or Australian Daylight Savings Time. You'll need to check the time in your time zone to make sure you don't miss the live session.

Post webinar, we continue the discussion on the Thinking Futures Facebook page with everyone who registered. Everyone who registers will also get a link to the recording of the webinar and supporting materials.

You will get an email with all details about the webinar and how to join after you register. 

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