Using the Site

When I established Thinking Futures in 2007 one of my primary goals was to design services and share resources about using the future and foresight in practice, to help people and organisations become futures ready. The site is information and resource rich as a result. Explore to see what you can use today in your work and return often to check for updated resources.

The emerging future is complex, uncertain and difficult to identify and use today. To engage with the future rather than observe it, you need not today's formulaic strategic planning but rich information that helps you become futures ready, that expands your perceptions about what the future might be, and that opens up your thinking about the future.

 It invites you to spend a little time to read and explore. I do know that you might not have a chunk of time to do this so this section gives you some info about what you will and won't find and where to start.


First, What You Won't Find Here


No Hype Here

You won't find marketing hype on my site. Sure, I want you to get in touch so we can work together or spend time reading what I write, but I can't force you to do that. And I'm not going to ply you with free offers to make you think you have to get in touch with me or buy something today or you'll somehow miss out on the next big thing. You will know when you are ready to contact me.

No Quick Fixes Either

The work I do can't be done in an hour or a day. It takes time. It's about first changing how you think about the future by changing the questions you ask.There are no quick fixes, no crystal balls that work, no right answers. My site gives you the information you need to think more deeply about how your organisational futures might emerge.


What You Will Find Here


Oodles of Information

Information, references, resources - all to support you to think more deeply about the future. My aim is to take you below the surface rather than assuming that what you see and hear today is all there is to know about the future. You will find plenty of information to help you work out how to help your organisation become futures ready. Your organisation's future, not the future someone else has created for you.

A Place to Return To

My hope is that you will make Thinking Futures a primary information source about organisational futures, returning as you need to find out more information about having conversations about the future. Dip in and out, explore, take what you need when you need it. Find information to get started with having conversations about the future, and get in touch when you need my help. You will know when that is. 


Getting Started

If you don't have much time, read about my Core Ideas and being Futures Ready now and see where that takes you. And do come back again when you have more time.

If you are frustrated or cynical about how your organisation approaches the future today (think about your planning processes), you will find an alternative way on this site. Read Core Ideas, being Futures Ready and Conversations to get started. These provide the basis for what I write about and what I can work with you on.

Get in touch if you have a question or would like to chat about something. I'm always happy to help if I can.