"... engages the audience and challenges them to think ahead ..."

I particularly appreciate the way that Maree engages the audience and challenges them to think ahead and consider other possibilities. Maree's style, pace and inclusive nature of her presentations enable participants to pause, reflect and discuss the "what if" scenario, irrespective of the theme, in a conducive environment which I personally find enlightening and stimulating. Since attending Maree’s workshops I have found myself reflecting on a wider range of options and responses to many situations or issues. I would encourage both prospective participants and organisers to attend Maree’s workshops.

— Participant in Foresight Workshop


“An important contribution ...”

The scenarios have been a very important contribution to our strategic planning. We have enjoyed the association with Maree, whose work has been of a very high standard indeed and delivered, under pressure, in a timely manner.

— Professor Chris Cocklin, James Cook University


“A great talking point ...”

Maree’s initial presentation on trends was a great talking point – her knowledge about the sector helped get people “on side” very quickly, and as a result discussions were enthusiastic and productive…We received some good feedback from participants – I’d definitely look at getting Maree in again next year to do a longer, more focused workshop.

— Scanning Workshop Organiser in a university

"Clearly Expert ..."

Maree was clearly expert in the scenario planning approach to scenario planning, she was open and honest in her dealings with us and provided excellent reference material and support to questions ... I admire Maree's ability to distill data into manageable units and draw order from the chaos.

— Michelle Hayward, Kangan Institute

“Deep knowledge ...”

 Maree’s deep knowledge of the University sector and understanding of trends in libraries was particularly useful, including her contribution to the environmental scanning phase. Her facilitation of the process and final presentation of the report was professional and achieved a good outcome that I was looking for.

— Philip Kent, Swinburne University of Technology


"Thought Provoking"

I really enjoyed your presentation. It was one of the better ones of the conference and was very thought provoking

— Kerrilyn Toal, Team Leader, Learning Materials Centre - Wagga Production Unit, Charles Sturt University


"Flexible and adaptive ..."

Thinking Futures was flexible and adaptive in altering the scope of the work as we moved forward - this was very helpful.

— Project Manager, Making VU Program Office, Victoria University.


"... very glad to have heard your talk ..."

In a generally very good range of sessions I attended, I was very glad to have heard your talk, and to join in the discussion at the end. Thanks again.  

— Participant at 2006 AUA Conference Workshop.


"Very Beneficial ..."

Maree's presentation as very beneficial to me as my role is very much linked to environmental scanning ... it has also helped me articulate what my new role is, something I have struggled to do prior to the presentation. So I now have a better sense of purpose in terms of my contribution to the system.

Participant at Stategic Thinking Workshop


“A very positive experience ...”

The experience was very positive. One of the issues for any organisation is always that of staff who may not wish to come along for the journey and ours is no different in this respect. All staff participated in the workshop. However their involvement in the scanning process was very patchy and perhaps did not work as well as hoped. Adjustments to the approach were made by Thinking Futures as a result which was great. A number of staff commented on the usefulness of the approach. The outcomes will provide a good stepping stone for moving forward.

— Ellen Brackenreg, Western Sydney University


“A fantastic presentation ...”

Just a note to thank you for a fantastic presentation. I really enjoyed it, it’s really got me thinking…

— Dr Maryam Omair, Edith Cowan University


"Thought provoking, stimulating ..."

Typical comments regarding your session were thought provoking, stimulating, and allowed for lateral thinking (especially in the workshop session). 

— Feedback from organisers after ITPNZ Conference Keynote, 2005


"... great, thought provoking ..."

Thanks again for a great, thought provoking presentation. 

Tania Tambiah, Research Manager, Faculty of Business, University of Technology, Sydney.


“It was a pleasure ...”

A highly positive experience - it was a pleasure to work with a consultant who was always looking to value add what they had promised to deliver.

— Belinda Wright, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry