Writing about the future

My writing includes this site, my blog, my book, my presentations and my publications. I also share my environmental scanning in my newsletter and on social media. I write to translate the theory behind foresight and integral into practical ways that people can use in their organisations today.

My aim is to share my ideas about the future to promote a continuing conversation about how we anticipate and use the future today so we can be futures ready. The aim is to help people set up processes to think about the future on a continuing basis, both personally and collectively.

I have always had a focus on helping people use foresight in practice to think in new ways about the future. In the past though, this has focused on strategy development and using foresight in that process. Now, I'm focusing on people, and using conversations about the future in that strategy process to bring people together to think strategically, to co-create shared futures and to be prepared for the future, not reacting to it.

Here's some of my writing - explore the site to see more.


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