As I was traversing the fun and challenging foresight learning curve a few years ago, I consistently found your online slide decks to be among the clearest and most edifying information sources — especially in terms of relating foresight to strategic planning and related organizational objectives.
— Evan Steeg, Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor, and former Foresight Director at Canada's National Research Council.

My presentations

I post my presentations on SlideShare and they are embedded here too. I add them as soon as I can after the presentation, but I've been reducing the number of walk in, walk out, conference type presentations I do so there are fewer in recent years. 

This is because I've learned since 1999 is  about where it is I add value, and it's not as a speaker. I still do presentations but I'm a bit more selective now.

If you have a futures/foresight or a university futures related topic, if you have a smallish group, if you know me or someone I know has given you my name, and if you don't expect me to give you the right answer now or predict the future, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch and we can talk about doing something together that helps us all become futures ready.

I happened to read one of your power points from Thinking Futures, “Strategic Foresight: Linking Foresight & Strategy”. This is by far the only material that allows me to understand Strategic Foresight in a clearer perspective. This is a good and easy model to understand how everything fits in.
— Seng Hong, Student, Singapore