The Thinking Futures Insights newsletter comes to your inbox each month with 10 items about change that matters for your organisation.

I aim to give you a summary and some comment as well. There's a link with each item that will take you to the original article if you want to know more.

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Shaping Tomorrow is a global, collaborative scanning site. Signing up for my newsletter gives you immediate access to all scanning information. You don't have to complete your profile but it would be useful if you want to join in discussions and groups available on the site. 

What's in the newsletter?

Each day, I scan around the following areas:

  • strategic foresight (how to do it, using the future in organisations),
  • organisational futures (work, organisation structures, leadership, management),
  • strategy development (developing strategy, new planning, strategic thinking),
  • university futures (structures, cultures, roles, learning, management, ideas of the future for universities), and
  • future trends (usually weak signals of change in society/technology use).

The content of the newsletter each month will depend on what I've found in my scanning and what others have added - it could be a range of items from all of the areas, or it might include more on one area than others.

Your feedback on the content will help me determine what I include, so be sure to let me know what you think.

What people say about the newsletter

Just a short note to acknowledge the very high quality of your weekly newsletter. Really enjoy and value these. Keep them coming.
— John Pender, Ireland
Your newsletters are very good and well written.
— Anonymous Subscriber
... your newsletters get me thinking in a different way again and thinking long term and past the day-to-day.
— Yvonne Lynes, Swinburne University, Melbourne

My scanning site on Shaping Tomorrow

My newsletter is generated from my scanning site on Shaping Tomorrow, a global and crowdsourced futures scanning site. I pay for this site because it's the best way I've found to store my scanning finds - and believe me, I've tried nearly all of them! When you register for the newsletter, you get some other benefits too.

  • Access to all my scanning items for free.  You'll have immediate access to all my scanning finds, and many more insights than what appears in the monthly newsletter.
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  • Access to a range of artificial intelligence powered analysis tools.

[Disclaimer: I do work occasionally with Shaping Tomorrow doing scanning reports.]

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That's enough! I hope you enjoy the newsletter and that it gives you useful information. Let me have some feedback when you have time.