Webinar: Integral + Foresight = Futures Ready Organisations


This new webinar introduces the concepts of integral futures and foresight and how they can be applied to strategy development to create futures ready strategy and organisations. We cover what these concepts are, how they can be applied to strategy development and the types of conversations about the future they will generate for your organisation.

If you know that the way you and your organisation creates and implements strategy is past its use by date, and you want to put the human back into strategy development, this webinar is for you.

Note that starting time is Australian Daylight Savings Time.

About Thinking Futures Webinars

My webinars are designed to provide a broad introduction to foresight and integral related topics. My focus is helping people reconnect strategic process and people using an integral frame and foresight lens. It's people who create strategy and make it happen in reality after all - and strategic planning has largely ignored people with its focus on the process to produce a plan. 

Using integral + foresight means people matter as much as process - there's no other option. I bring process and people together using conversations about the future.

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While you are a here, take a few minutes away from your job to explore the site and find out more about how to create futures ready organisations. Get in touch when you are ready - you will know when the time is right.