• Melbourne
  • Australia

Futureshift is an immersion into the thinking and practice of foresight - designed and presented by Dr Joseph Voros, Dr Peter Hayward and Rowena Morrow, based on their combined 40 years’ experience in teaching foresight to professionals. This is your opportunity to experience world class professional development.

The purpose of Futureshift is to support clever people doing good work in complex times. We achieve this by focussing on developing the capacity of participants to think broadly and deeply about business and world challenges; to feel comfortable and confident with ambiguity, uncertainty and volatility; and to hold more complexity while acting with purpose.

The FutureShift Program runs for six months. After registration and payment, you will receive early access to all the Program materials. You are expected to listen to and read all materials before coming to the room for the five-day Intensive. The Intensive runs Tuesday-Saturday, where you will begin to work through the processes of thinking, co-creating and innovating. After the Intensive you will receive five months of online coaching support as you design and create your preferred futures.

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