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I think it is pretty clear that, as we as a society transition to the next stage of development, our ways of thinking, our ways of working and the assumptions and models upon which we have structured our organisations and decision making are no longer useful. I feel this in my workshops with people today. People in the room are struggling with the top down, command and control approaches still present in their organisations. They feel their leadership doesn't treat them as humans, that change is managed badly, that they are busy with the wrong things and that strategy is remote, disconnected from their work, their lives.

We have a choice. We can keep using this old way or move to the new way where we use an integral frame to understand organisation and leadership and a foresight lens for organisational strategy. These downloads here are provided to help you move beyond the status quo, beyond conventional thinking, to help you get ready for the future. You can build a basic knowledge about what foresight is, how it is different to strategic planning and how to use it in organisations today.

More downloads on integral futures are coming soon.

My organization is a nonprofit social service agency that has been operating under a strategic planning process for the last 4 years. We are looking now to infuse the organization with information on thinking strategically – to support and/or supersede the planning process and the information in your document is perfect for our level of need on the topic.
— Glenda Buzzelli, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland


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