The scenarios have been a very important contribution to our strategic planning. We have enjoyed the association with Maree, whose work has been of a very high standard indeed and delivered, under pressure, in a timely manner.
— Professor Chris Cocklin, James Cook University

how I Work

I work with individuals and small groups to help them create the capacity to have deeper conversations about possible futures. These are strategic conversations - the four types of conversations needed to become futures ready. We start with the conversation that is most needed at the time.

I'm selective about who I collaborate with, as you should be, and I don't do 'conventional' consulting. I'm not the expert consultant who comes in with a model or fixed methods that promise quick solutions and answers. I first work with you to design a foresight process that suits your context, the outcomes you need and helps you use your foresight agency. I can then support you as you implement that process.

My style of working is professional yet informal. I sometimes don’t know the answer, and I sometimes get things wrong. That’s okay though, because you are in the room too. It’s our collaboration will will generate the conversations and strategy that your organisations need.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to preparing for possible futures. If you think money will buy you the single right answer or believe you prefer to think about only THE future, you need to look for help elsewhere.

Maree was clearly expert ... she was open and honest in her dealings with us and provided excellent reference material and support to questions ... I admire Maree’s ability to distill data into manageable units and draw order from the chaos.
— Michelle Hayward, Kangan Institute

How We Work Together


I can work with you in two ways. The first is working with individuals to support them to use foresight; the second is working with small groups (around 5-10 people).

I no longer facilitate workshops myself. Instead, if you need a workshop, I train and support you and your people to run the workshops yoruselves. Doing foresight is critical to understanding the different thinking processes that are involved in exploring possible futures.

My focus is on helping people use foresight in practice, not do it for you - so advice and resources, review and process support are what I do now. It’s what I do best.

Working with me looks like this.

First, we talk about your issues, your challenges, your ideas about the future. Then, we collaborate to design the best process to increase foresight capacity and how to do that. Whatever emerges is designed just for you and your context.

We work together in whatever way works for you. It might means face to face meetings, phone calls, prototyping ideas with you, doing a strategy project, reviewing reports ... whatever works.

The toolbox for this sort of work is big, so we personalise an approach that can be used when you need it in your work.

At the core of what we do will be rich conversations, learning from each other to create the capacity you need to be futures ready in your thinking and in your work.