Thinking Futures is a foresight practice that brings people together to have conversations about the future that inform action today. I work with you to build individual and organisational capacity to prepare for the future. 


I'm Maree Conway, a foresight practitioner and researcher based in Australia. In 1999, I was asked to 'do foresight' and had to google the term to know what it was. That sent me on a journey I'm still on today.


Conventional strategic planning has failed us and keeps us trapped in the present. Our collective challenge is to work together to collaboratively create a forward view that embraces the complexity and uncertainty of the future.

We have moved beyond strategic planning. Our imperative now is to allow people to want to co-create their organisation's future, one they care about, engage with, own and make happen. I help you do this.

My conversations about the future approach lets people  have conversations to build futures ready thinking and co-create organisational futures. I help you prepare for the future.