Thinking Futures is a foresight practice that  focuses on the cognitive activity of thinking about possible futures. Foresight is an individual and collective capacity that helps us anticipate the future in the present - not in the crystal ball sense that our minds immediately imagine, but in shared, deep and insightful processes that generate quite unique conversations about the future.

Conversations about the future let us grapple with the complexity of change facing our organisations and society. Using foresight cognitively begins with assuming we have multiple futures and that today isn't the future. We accept that we can't be right about the future but we can avoid getting it wrong.

My new site - University Futures - is now live!

Originally established in 2006, University Futures has been in hibernation for some years. I'm doing my PhD on the future for the university now and it feels like it's the right time to bring University Futures back to life.

It's a work in progress and I'll be adding resources as quickly as I can. Do me a favour? Check it out and let me know what you think and what I can provide that will be of most use to you. Thanks!