Advisory Services

My advisory services help you bring foresight into your organisation or strengthen the foresight processes you already have in place.

Working together to explore your possible futures to inform your thinking, decisions and actions today starts with an outside-in perspective. Your organisation’s strategy is about its ‘fit’ with its external environment, rather than using your organisation’s past and present to define the boundaries of what you can offer that environment. We start our work together by considering the question “what possible futures exist for us in our external environment?”

Starting ‘out there’ means considering how your external environment might evolve over time as the changes shaping that environment intersect, connect and develop in both known and unknown ways. You create a longer term context about the types of environment that your organisation might find itself in and you generate expanded perceptions of the strategic options available to you. No longer are decisions constrained by the past and the present because they are also informed by multiple future possibilities.

Not creating a range of possible futures for an organisation before you make strategic decisions is a major reason for the failure of strategy in the implementation stage. Conventional strategic planning produces plans with the word future in the document but rarely is that future based on a systematic exploration of the possible futures available to the organisation. Analysing change drivers that we see in the present is often mistaken for exploring possible futures. A planning mindset dismisses the value and critical importance of strategic thinking - thinking about possible futures in the present.

My Services

I offer you three types of advisory services. Each service is based on working with you over time, whether that be to support the integration of foresight into your strategy development processes or to support individuals and groups to build their foresight capacities, my aim is to leave you with the knowledge, frameworks and methods you can continue to use.

  • Working with you on a collaborative foresight project that will reinvigorate your current strategic planning process with foresight approaches and thinking.

  • Working with your strategy leaders to build their foresight capacities and enable them to lead foresight projects effectively (coming soon),

  • a coaching service to support your people when they begin to use foresight approaches in practice (coming soon).