Beyond the Status Quo

Becoming Futures Ready

How organisations face the future is changing, but not fast enough. The challenges we have and questions we need to answer to make sense of reality - if we are to achieve strategic goals and impact for our organisations - are beyond the capacity of the process driven rhetoric and heuristics of today's strategic planning. It's time to let go of the status-quo and move beyond the conventional.

Being futures ready is an individual and collective capacity that emerges when people come together to use the future today, to engage with it not observe it, to anticipate it not predict it. When we put the human back into strategy development so people can have conversations about the future.  Futures ready happens when people co-create organisational futures not when a strategic plan is imposed on people.

Strategy is stuck. If you dropped into a boardroom discussion or an executive team meeting, chances are you’d hear a lot of strategic thinking based on ideas and frameworks designed in, and for, a different era.
— Rita Gunther McGrath, The End of Competitive Advantage: How to Keep Your Strategy Moving as Fast as Your Business