Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it

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Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it


A how to guide to help you start environmental scanning.

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This guide explores what scanning is from a futures perspective – it is all about understanding the change that is shaping your organisation’s future. Seeing the change that is coming before it arrives on your doorstep and preparing proactive responses to that change.

The guide will give take you through the steps of doing scanning: framing your scanning, identifying the change that matters for your organisation, analysing your scanning to identify implications for your organisation and sharing your scanning across your organisation.

Content Outline

Part 1 deals with what you need to do to set up your environmental scanning process – what scanning is, what it aims to achieve, where it fits in the strategy development cycle, understanding worldviews and some steps for getting started.

Part 2 deals with the scanning process, where to look for change and how to assess its usefulness – what to look for, where to look, knowing when a scanning hit is useful, recording your hits and the challenges you might face.

Part 3 deals with classifying and assessing the change you have found, and reporting the output of your scanning process – interpreting trends, reporting your findings and maintaining your scanning over time.

What People Say

"As I was traversing the fun and challenging foresight learning curve a few years ago, I consistently found your online slide decks to be among the clearest and most edifying information sources -- especially in terms of relating foresight to strategic planning and related rganizational objectives." Evan Steeg, Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor, and former Foresight Director at Canada's National Research Council.