Foresight: An Introduction

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Foresight: An Introduction


This Guide provides you with an introduction to foresight that lets you get to know what foresight is about and to understand the value of using it in practice.

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This Guide provides a broad overview of using foresight – what is it is, some fundamental principles, methods, what using foresight in strategy development means and some lessons from the field.

If you are new to foresight, this guide will provide you with enough information to allow you to think about how foresight might be useful in your organisation. You can find out more detailed information and ideas in my book: Foresight Infused Strategy: A How-To Guide to Using Foresight in Practice.

What people say about the guide

Just ran across your "Foresight: An Introduction" booklet. What a fine overview. You are generous and thoughtful - this will definitely in my toolkit … Laura Nissen on Twitter, December 2018

Table of Contents


About Foresight
Short term and long term thinking
Foresight Principles
A Foresight Framework
Challenging Assumptions

About Foresight and Strategy
Rethinking Conventional Strategic Planning
The Future Doesn’t Belong to Senior Managers Alone
Foresight Infused Strategy

About Foresight Methods
Choosing a Futures Method
Input Methods
Analytic Methods
Interpretive Methods
Prospective Methods

Using Foresight Approaches
Moving Beyond Case Studies, Best Practice and Examples
Prerequisites for Successful Foresight
The Value of Foresight Approaches
Characteristics of Foresighters

Lessons from the field
Introducing Foresight
Start at Both Ends of the Organisation
Contexts Matter
Implementation will take time
Challenging Status Quo Thinking

Some final words

References and Resources