Liz Alexander from Leading Thought, published a report on the future of work: 40 Futurists: Your Child’s Success in Tomorrow’s World of Work in 2016. I was one of the 40 futurists - my contribution was:

“Look ahead with an open mind. Watch for change that will" keep rearing its head, making you adapt how you work. If you don’t, you’ll stay trapped in the present and miss the future until it’s too late. In this process of grappling with constant change, stay connected. Keep the human in your work and your technology use–they’re equally important to your work and future careers.”

Liz also published an ebook on how to use a futurist, which you can download. It focuses on answering the questions: "How can we help businesses, nonprofits, academic institutions and more achieve “future-smart” results? How can we help you?" Download here.