I was invited to contribute to a publication on the future of education, in particular changes that need to be made in education generally. We were asked to answer the question: If there was one thing I could change in education to better prepare students for the future of work, it would be…

The link takes you to the website where the contributions are pubished, but I’m also included it here.

“Use the future to underpin what we learn and how we learn it, putting people at the centre of our education system and moving away from today’s structures and systems derived from the past. Putting the future at the core of education will mean students have skills and knowledge that they need not only for work today but that will also sustain them as the future of work emerges, whatever that may be.”

Maree Conway is a Strategic Foresight Practitioner and Researcher at Thinking Futures in Melbourne, Australia. Twitter: @mareeconway