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Australian Tax Office
Workshop: Environmental Scanning and Strategic Thinking (2 days), 2010
Workshop: Cross-Agency Environmental Scanning, 2011

Central Highlands Water
Scenario Planning Project (5 months). Lead consultant was Looking Up, Feeling Good, 2009

Workshop: Scenario Planning (1 day), 2003

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Environmental Scan and Scenario Planning Project on the Future of Animal Health in Australia (5 months), 2010
Implementation of Environmental Scanning Network across Australia, and training of members, 2011

Department of Education, Science & Training (Transitions Branch)
Workshop: Scenario Planning , 2004

Department of Education, Training and the Arts, Queensland Government
Strategic Thinking, presentation to the Leadership Recall Day, February 2009.

Department of Human Services, Victoria
Presentation: Strategic Thinking: Engage Brain First, 2008
Presentation: What is Strategic Foresight? September/December 2016

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
Workshop: What is Strategic Foresight, October and December 2016

National Transport Commission
Mentoring: supporting the establishment of an in-house environmental scanning framework and capacity, 2010-2011

Training: 2 day how to do environmental scanning 2015
Coaching: supporting a senior staff member to implement an organisation wide scanning system 2015-2016
Scenario planning workshop, 2016

Non-Profits and Associations

Non-Profits and Associations

Asian Productivity Organization
Workshops on Building a Strategic Foresight Capacity in the APO and member countries, 2017-2018.

Red Cross Australia
Advisory services related to establishing an in-house environmental scanning function, 2017.

Kayamandi Infomatics
Workshop: Environmental Scanning Workshop (2 days) South Africa, 2014.

Baptcare Day Centres
Workshop: Day Centres team development for the future, 2013.

Australian Council of Learned Academies
Research: Review of scenarios relating to Austalia’s future. Sub-contract from the Centre for Australia Foresight, 2013.

Arthritis Victoria
Environmental Scanning project to establish an in-house scanning system and train scanning team staff in how to do environmental scanning, 2010.

Foresight International
Research Project: led by Professor Richard Slaughter, this project investigated and mapped the characteristics of the global futures field in 2007. The project was funded by the US based Foundation for the Future.

Phillip Island Nature Parks
Workshop: developing concept map of past, present and future, 2012.

The Australian Strategic Planning Institute
Workshop: Advanced Strategic Planning Workshops, 2007-2008.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations

Australian Institute of Professional Intelligent Officers
Using Strategic Foresight to Stay Ahead of Change, May 2013.

Australian Community Workers Association
Workshop: Board/senior staff planning workshop, 2013

Australian Society for Parasitology
Strategy Project (environmental scan and planning workshop), 2010

Association of Professional Futurists
Strategy Project: Managed the process for the development of Strategic Plan for the Association, 2010/2011 (volunteer)

Association for Tertiary Education Management
Webinar: The Future of Social Media, 2014
Workshop: Strategic Thinking in Tertiary Education, ATEM Tropical Region, 2010
Workshop: Strategic Thinking in Tertiary Education, ATEM NSW/ACT and ATEM Tropical Regions, 2009
Workshop: Futures, Focus and Influence: ATEM/LH Martin Leadership Masterclass: Leadership Literacies for the Knowledge Era, 2009
Strategy: Strategy Review Workshop, ATEM Council, 2008
Workshop: Building a Strategic Foresight Capacity, ATEM Aotearoa, 2008
Workshop: Building a Strategic Foresight Capacity, ATEM Tropical Region, 2008
resentation: Inherent Uncertainty: 30 Years of ATEM. Presentation to ATEM Victoria Breakfast Seminar, Melbourne, November 2006.
Research Project:  Learning from the Future:  half day workshops delivered in Manchester, United Kingdom for the Association of University Administrators, July 2002; and in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand, for the Association of Tertiary Education Management, August, 2002.

Australian Society of Psychology: College of Organisational Psychologists
Presentation: The Future of Work, 2009

Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry
Workshop: Board Planning Workshop, 2013

Australasian Association for Institutional Research
Strategy Project: Board Strategic Planning Workshop, 2007
Workshop: Building a Strategic Foresight Capacity, Annual AAIR Forum, 2007

Institute of Chartered Accountants
Advisory Services: Strategic Thinking, 2013

Victorian Association of TAFE Libraries
Workshop: Strategic Planning Workshop, 2007