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Australian Tax Office
Workshop: Environmental Scanning and Strategic Thinking (2 days), 2010
Workshop: Cross-Agency Environmental Scanning, 2011

Central Highlands Water
Scenario Planning Project (5 months). Lead consultant was Looking Up, Feeling Good, 2009

Workshop: Scenario Planning (1 day), 2003

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Environmental Scan and Scenario Planning Project on the Future of Animal Health in Australia (5 months), 2010
Implementation of Environmental Scanning Network across Australia, and training of members, 2011

Department of Education, Science & Training (Transitions Branch)
Workshop: Scenario Planning , 2004

Department of Education, Training and the Arts, Queensland Government
Strategic Thinking, presentation to the Leadership Recall Day, February 2009.

Department of Human Services, Victoria
Presentation: Strategic Thinking: Engage Brain First, 2008
Presentation: What is Strategic Foresight? September/December 2016

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
Workshop: What is Strategic Foresight, October and December 2016

National Transport Commission
Mentoring: supporting the establishment of an in-house environmental scanning framework and capacity, 2010-2011

Training: 2 day how to do environmental scanning 2015
Coaching: supporting a senior staff member to implement an organisation wide scanning system 2015-2016
Scenario planning workshop, 2016

Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education

Australian Maritime College
Workshop: Board Strategic Planning Workshop, 2010

Australian Universities Quality Agency
Post AUQA: Follow-Up After Audit, Workshop at Australian Universities Quality Forum, Melbourne, June 2003.
Workshop: So you think you can plan workshop, pre-conference workshop (1 day), Australian Universities Quality Forum, 2010
Strategy: Planning Workshop, 2009

College of North Atlantic Qatar
Training: 2 day Environmental Scanning Workshop 2015
Advisory: providing advice about implementation to senior staff member 2015

Deakin University
Workshop: The Impact of Trends in Teaching and Research on IT (three sessions), 2010
Sessional Teaching: Futures and Organisational Change, 2008-2009

James Cook University
Scenario Planning: development of scenarios for JCU’s future, 2012
Workshops: Facilitated staff consultation and feedback on the scenarios Townsville and Cairns campuses, 2012
Presentation: Leading through Change, Senior Staff Conference, 2013

Kangan Institute
Scenario Planning project (5 months)

La Trobe University
Review of La Trobe’s planning framework, 2009

LH Martin Institute
Sessional Teaching: supervisor eLAMP Capstone Project students and Cohort Moderator, 2013-present
Workshop: Strategic Thinking for the Practitioner, 2013
Workshop: Writing Persuasively, Masters of Tertiary Education students, 2013
Program development: developed content for Strategic Thinking component in an Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) module, 2012

Macquarie University
Advisory Services: Panel Member on the Review of the Faculty of Business and Economics

Monash University
Evaluation: Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, Evaluation of Leading Excellence Program (Stage 2) & Promoting Excellence Program, 2010
Evaluation: Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, Evaluation of Leading Excellence Program, 2008

National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services (NAGCAS)
Workshop: The Future for Career Service Professionals, 2014

National Tertiary Education Union
Presentation: Challenges for general staff today and tomorrow, NTEU General Staff Conference, 2013

Northwestern University, Philippines
Environmental Scanning: What it is and how to do it, Virtual Presentation, 2015

Ozford College of Business
Advisory Services: Review of Accreditation Application, 2014

Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis
Advisory Services: plan review, 2011

RMIT University
Report: Reviewing Human Resources Documentation 2014
Report: The Characteristics of Excellent Business Schools (a review scan), College of Business, 2010
Report: Scan of Characteristics of Excellent Business Schools, College of Business, 2010
Workshop: Causal Layered Analysis Workshop, Student Services Group, 2007

Swinburne University of Technology
Sessional Teaching: Environmental Scanning, Masters in Strategic Foresight 2015
Keynote Address: Wildcards, Weak Signals and a Leap of Faith, Seventh Wave Conference, Swinburne University of Technology, 2014
Sessional Teaching: Leading in Turbulent and Difficult Times Executive Education Program, 2013
Workshop: ‘Blue Sky Workshop’, Student Central, 201
Workshop: Visioning Workshop, Student Operations, 2008
Presentation: Foresight and Planning: Swinburne’s Journey, presentation to Master of Strategic Foresight students, 2004-2005
Workshop: The Student System of the Future (PLATO group) workshop, 2003
Scenario Planning: Swinburne Scenario Project, 2002
Scanning: Environmental Scanning System implemented, including scanning framework, email newsletter (Foresight Snippets) and monthly report (prospect), 2001-2004
Workshops: Introduction to Futures Workshops for internal departments, 2000-2003
Research Report: Horizon 2020, Scenarios for Swinburne’s Future, 2000

Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Presentation: Environmental Scanning, Senior Management Group, 2010

Torrens University
Teaching Possible, Plausible and Preferred Futures unit in Graduate Certificate in Collective Entrepreneurship, Torrens University, 2016.

University of Newcastle
Workshop: Thinking Futures in Higher Education, 2008

University of Melbourne
Presentation, Staff Development Day: Higher Education Futures, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, 2010
Workshop: Strategic Planning Workshop, Knowledge Partnerships Office, 2010

University of Southern Queensland
Workshop: Visioning Workshop, Hervey Bay Workshop, 2013

University of Queensland
Workshop: PG Curriculum Review, School of Tourism, 2011

University of Western Australia
Keynote Address: The Shifting Learning Ecosystem: Digital and Beyond, Black Swan Conference, University of Western Australia, 2015

University of Western Sydney
Strategy Project (5 months), Scanning and scenario planning, Student Support Services, 2008

University of Wollongong
Workshop: Strategic Thinking, 2009

University of the Sunshine Coast
Presentation: Reinventing the Service Paradigm, Student Administration Planning Day 2011

Victoria University
Facilitation of VU-Sofitel Partnership workshops, 2013
VU Change Project – staff consultation and report about proposed future structure and directions, 2012
VU Futures Project (environmental Scanning), Making VU Program Office, 2009
Trends and Drivers of Change, Victoria University, Information Technology Services, 2008
Finalising the University’s Statement of Purpose 2016 and associated KPI framework. 2008
Making VU Program Futures Project – environmental scanning and scenario planning, 2008
Making VU Commitment 1: Industry and Community Roundtables, 2008-2009
Strategic Planning Workshops for internal departments, 2005-2007
Library Scenario Planning Workshop, 2006
VU Futures Project, 2007: Trends and Drivers of Change, and modified Scenario Planning process)