Asian Productivity Organization
Workshops on Building a Strategic Foresight Capacity in the APO and member countries, 2017-2018.

Red Cross Australia
Advisory services related to establishing an in-house environmental scanning function, 2017.

Kayamandi Infomatics
Workshop: Environmental Scanning Workshop (2 days) South Africa, 2014.

Baptcare Day Centres
Workshop: Day Centres team development for the future, 2013.

Australian Council of Learned Academies
Research: Review of scenarios relating to Austalia’s future. Sub-contract from the Centre for Australia Foresight, 2013.

Arthritis Victoria
Environmental Scanning project to establish an in-house scanning system and train scanning team staff in how to do environmental scanning, 2010.

Foresight International
Research Project: led by Professor Richard Slaughter, this project investigated and mapped the characteristics of the global futures field in 2007. The project was funded by the US based Foundation for the Future.

Phillip Island Nature Parks
Workshop: developing concept map of past, present and future, 2012.

The Australian Strategic Planning Institute
Workshop: Advanced Strategic Planning Workshops, 2007-2008.