Australian Tax Office
Workshop: Environmental Scanning and Strategic Thinking (2 days), 2010
Workshop: Cross-Agency Environmental Scanning, 2011

Central Highlands Water
Scenario Planning Project (5 months). Lead consultant was Looking Up, Feeling Good, 2009

Workshop: Scenario Planning (1 day), 2003

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Environmental Scan and Scenario Planning Project on the Future of Animal Health in Australia (5 months), 2010
Implementation of Environmental Scanning Network across Australia, and training of members, 2011

Department of Education, Science & Training (Transitions Branch)
Workshop: Scenario Planning , 2004

Department of Education, Training and the Arts, Queensland Government
Strategic Thinking, presentation to the Leadership Recall Day, February 2009.

Department of Human Services, Victoria
Presentation: Strategic Thinking: Engage Brain First, 2008
Presentation: What is Strategic Foresight? September/December 2016

Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
Workshop: What is Strategic Foresight, October and December 2016

National Transport Commission
Mentoring: supporting the establishment of an in-house environmental scanning framework and capacity, 2010-2011

Training: 2 day how to do environmental scanning 2015
Coaching: supporting a senior staff member to implement an organisation wide scanning system 2015-2016
Scenario planning workshop, 2016