Who I've Worked With

I've grouped the people and organisations I've worked with into some categories here. I have done the following sort of work with my clients in the past.

  • Advisory Services: having conversations about people about their challenges, recommending approaches they might use to address them.
  • Evaluation: helping groups evaluate the success of programs/functions, not necessarily related to futures/foresight.
  • Presentations: on a whole range of topics, usually related to how to use foresight methods in practice or how the future might emerge for particular industries or work areas. Read more about presentations here.
  • Research: usually on specific projects or topics, most related to exploring the future of a particular interest to to the client.
  • Scanning: either workshops on how to do scanning or scanning reports on the future of a particular industry or service.
  • Scenario Thinking: usually workshops (two or three days) or a scenario thinking project (up to three months).
  • Strategy Reviews: desktop reviews of existing strategy development frameworks to provide advice on how to streamline those processes and inject foresight methods into the framework to promote a futures view.
  • Workshops: a range of topics, from education to training to workshops as part of strategy and scenario thinking projects. I now focus on the latter type of work where I can build a relationship with the people who will implement outcomes.

This new site and my new focus allows me to integrate these various services into my new Conversations framework. I will still do most of these things but they will be as part of a broader activity focused on helping people have deeper conversations about the future to become futures ready. Get in touch if you'd like more details about what I do and how I do it.