Foresight Infused Strategy: A How-To Guide to Using Foresight in Practice


Foresight Infused Strategy: A How-To Guide to Using Foresight in Practice

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This is the book I wish I’d had when I was asked to ‘do foresight’ at Swinburne University in 1999. It’s a personal book, a sharing of my learning, knowledge and experience to give you the basics, so that you don’t have to spend six months finding out about foresight like I did then.

It’s also a book focused on you, the individual, the person who wants to find out more about foresight and how to use it in your organisation.

The book is designed to provide you with enough information to help you move away from conventional strategic planning and infuse foresight into your strategy development process.

Like all previous publications from Thinking Futures, the book’s purpose is to help people like you move beyond formulaic planning and superficial approaches to using foresight to craft futures ready strategy.


Conventional strategic planning processes have become tired, formulaic and rarely produce truly innovative and futures ready strategy. This book will take you into the world of foresight infused strategy, with people at it core and collaboration as its primary process. If you sense that your strategy development processes needed to be redesigned to make them futures ready, then this book is for you.

Using foresight is a way to develop a shared view of your organisation’s preferred future to inform strategic decision-making today. It asks you to think in new ways about the future and to challenge those deeply held assumptions about how you work today and how work will happen in the future. This is a practical book, designed to help people in organisations understand how to begin to use foresight in their strategy development processes. 

It covers the conceptual framework you will need to develop foresight frameworks tailored to your organisations, linking foresight and strategy, how to get started using foresight, methods available to you, how to do environmental scanning to identify change that matters (the basic building block of using foresight), and strategic thinking (helping you think in new ways about the future and how your strategy today shapes that future).

I include my foresight journey and lessons from my practice since 1999. It's a practical book, designed to help you move beyond conventional planning to to developing proactive responses to change today. If you are interested in foresight or ready to start using it in your strategy development, you will find value in this book.