Someone asked me why I called my business Thinking Futures recently. I replied and then found myself thinking afterwards: 'interesting - just why did I call it Thinking Futures'. Here's why. I set up Thinking Futures in 2007 to help people think in new ways about the future.

The thinking part is what I kept coming back to when I was thinking about a name. It was because 'thinking' is what you do when you are finding your way through possible 'Futures'. But that's too long for a business name.  But I realised why I wanted to call my business Thinking Futures.

Because thinking is the active stance you take when you face the future. When you want to shape your future rather than just let it happen to you. That's the space where I want to work with people.

Because Thinking is about pondering your possible futures first, rather than just assuming the future will be more of today, tweaked around the edges.

Because thinking is about exploring possible futures rather than a planning exercise. You need both - thinking is a cognitive activity and planning is about action today. Shaping the future is all about action today but the thinking comes first.

Because thinking is about being proactive about responses to change shifts, thinking more deeply about what's going on, challenging assumptions you never knew you had. This is the space I help people occupy.

Because thinking is about being collaborative, working with others to shape your future and your organisation's future. There is no one mind wise enough anywhere that will avoid getting the future wrong all on its own. Many minds make the future.

Because how your future and your organisation's future evolves from the myriad of possible futures out there depends on surfacing your foresight capacity, your cognitive capacity to think in new ways about those futures. That's what I wanted to help people do in 2007 and it's what I do now.

That's why I call my business Thinking Futures.

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