Distracted as we are by the cult of busyness at work, it's easier to do rather than think. Many planning workshop attendees seem to be more interested in the quick fix (tell me what to do tomorrow) than where their organisation is heading in the long term. This might be because the long term requires time to think about potential options and involves uncertainty, whereas at least with short term fixes, you may get to see some apparent outcome or progress.

And, the cult of busyness brings with it the belief that if you are really busy, then somehow you are an important person. The long term brings with it the admission that we don't know everything that is going to happen.

One of my parting messages for workshop participants is that we need to run thinking workshops before we run planning workshops, because thinking is work too. If we don't do some strategic thinking first about our possible futures, and assume our future will be more of today, we are likely to end up with our heads in the sand, ignoring the future which will then sneak up on you and bite you on the proverbial.

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