My first ebook - Foresight Infused Strategy: A How-To Guide for Using Foresight in Practice - has been published on Amazon.

The book is designed with beginner foresighters in mind - to help you understand the value of using foresight, and how to get started in your organisation. It's the book I could have used when I was asked to 'do' foresight by the Vice-Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology in 1999. When he said that, I had to go back to my office and google foresight to see what it was all about.

Why did I write it? I have had three Strategic Futures Guides on getting started with futures, scanning and strategic thinking for some time now. The feedback on the guides has been good but each guide covered some of the same content. My Reference Guide (Foresight: An Introduction) provided new information but also covered some similar content as the guides. It made sense to me to include them in one book. I've always wanted to write a book since I was a child, and while it took me a while to find the topic, I've finally achieved that goal.

I say in the description that the book will take you into the world of foresight infused strategy, with people at it core and collaboration as its primary process. If you sense that your strategy development processes needed to be redesigned to make them futures ready, then this book will help you get started. My focus is on helping us move beyond conventional strategic planning processes that have become tired, formulaic and rarely produce truly innovative and futures ready strategy.

It's a practical book, designed to help you move beyond conventional planning to developing proactive responses to change today. If you are interested in foresight or sense that there has to be a better way to develop strategy, that how we think about the future needs to shift, you will find value in this book.

What I write in the book is based on my experience using foresight with people in organisations since 1999. It reflects my focus on strategy development, the methods I use, the industries in which I have worked and the people with whom I have collaborated. I didn't write it to become a textbook but rather to be a reference for you as you are working through the steps involved is using foresight in your organisation.

I hope you find it useful and I welcome your feedback.