My email this morning had one message about a well known leadership guru who is writing a new book. I like this person's work and will probably buy his book because I buy a lot of books on organisations and leadership. I went to the book page and was presented with a page about the author with the information about the book further down the page which set me thinking about book marketing. I self-published my first ebook recently, publicised it on social media, set up Amazon links, put a page about it on my site, wrote a blog post and put it on my website home page. Now what?

I'm a book person, so I looks for books about how to sell books. There are a ton of these books and it all seems to be inherently personal, irrespective of book content - hence a page about a book is first a page about the author. The cult of personality at work again. Somewhere inside my brain, I sighed.

Maybe it's because I'm an introvert, maybe because as an Enneagram 5, the best reward I can get is for people to tell me my content was useful, that what I'm saying makes sense and has helped them use foresight well. I'm not interested in becoming a best selling author (although I'm not averse to earning some money from royalities of course!) so I would rather not promote the book by promoting myself. I'd rather people remember the book title (Foresight Infused Strategy: A How-To Guide for Using Foresight in Practice) than my name. Wait, that title is long - Foresight Infused Strategy will do.

I ticked a box on my life goals list when I published this book which is good for me, but 'me' as author doesn't automatically mean the content is good and useful, no matter what I think. Only those people in organisations who want to use foresight to reframe their strategy development will be able to make that judgement. And this needs to be at the core of my book marketing - not me as author but feedback from people about how they've used it, what they found useful, what was less useful.

So if you work in organisational strategy, or just want to find out more about using foresight or can help me out with my book marketing and would like to review the book, let me know and I'll send you a review copy. Or just share this post for me - thanks!

UPDATE: This post by Seth Godin probably answers most of my questions :)