GFP Flat
GFP Flat

For some time now I've been using this graphic to talk about the steps involved in futures ready strategy development. I decided to turn it into a circle to make the circular and interdependent nature of the process a bit clearer but never got around to doing it. And I realised a little while ago that there was something missing from the process - an evaluation or check in stage, where you can stop and review how you are going, is everything still relevant?

I've finally changed the graphic to a circle and added the new stage - here it is.


In brief, the steps are:

Environmental Scanning: scan the environment for changes you see as either enabling or constraining your organisation's future (as you understand it today),

Strategic Thinking: spend time having a collective and inclusive conversation about possible organisational futures and the implications for your organisation today; here you are looking for a range of strategic options that are more than business as usual options,

Strategic Decision Making: someone, somewhere will make a decision about the nature of your organisation's preferred future,

Strategic Planning: once that decision  has been made, you can plan to take action to implement the decision and move towards your preferred future, and the new stage,

Evaluating for Impact: monitor change on a continuing basis and track impact in your organisation and beyond. Is it still relevant? What do we need to change? What do we need to stop?

What do you think? Does it work for you? Let me know.