Vector Transformation. Broken textI was asked recently about using weak signals and wildcards in work to transform the way a university did learning and teaching. My response was that you can't transform an organisation or a process with foresight, you can only work to transform the way an individual thinks about the future. I don't think the person asking the question was impressed with the answer. I explained Richard Slaughter's framework for the development of social foresight that I've modified for my work to use in strategy development - that it's individual first, then the building of a critical mass of foresight aware individuals who can use foresight tools, then embedding foresight into the organisation so it becomes ' the way we do things around here'. Once there are enough organisations at that level, social foresight becomes a reality.

It takes time to do this, and in most cases time is in short supply in organisations. It takes a strong leader to decide to do foresight. to provide the resources and support to make it happen and then work to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be involved. More often than not, internal or external shifts intervene to derail foresight projects, particularly organisation wide efforts.

Yet, if an organisation is serious about transformation at any level, then the starting point is with the individual. Yes, set up structures, put people in roles, start doing new things, but just because you build it, will they come? Maybe, maybe not.