I'm currently in Vancouver to attend the World Future Society Conference for the first time, and attend the professional development day of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). I'll be doing a set of posts from Vancouver here, and they will also be posted to APFLive (no longer active). Last night, Foresight Canada and Ruben Nelso hosted a dinner with some of their folks and people from the boards of the APF and the World Futures Studies  Federation (WFSF) - this was designed to be a neutral space where we could talk about similarities and differences between the associations, and to identify areas of possible collaboration. At the end of the night, after much lively conversation, we had a long list of possibilities which will be circulated shortly.

While we agreed that differences between the associations are a good thing, building on the similarities is an important thing to do at this stage in the development of both groups.

The atmosphere was incredibly positive and it was great to talk about how connecting the minds in the WFSF and the APF has the potential to strengthen both associations, and more importantly, to strengthen the positioning for foresight for society in general.