Sometimes I work with other people depending on the project, the client, the industry. We have the common the desire to help people prepare for the future. If they look like they could help you, please go there and talk to them. I won't take offence. Tell them I sent you :)


Marcus Barber, Looking Up, Feeling Good (Australia)

Marcus has world class facilitation & consulting skills that enable Boards, Senior Management teams and diverse stakeholder groups to gather insights aimed at answering a core question: 'What do you want to achieve, and by when?' Marcus is a Strategic Futurist and Value Systems specialist, assisting clients with strategy development, strategic planning, risk assessments and innovation processes. Marucs is also a founding partner of the Centre for Austalian Foresight (see below). I worked with Marcus at Swinburne University and have since worked with him on scenario development projects.


Sheila Moorcroft, Realising your Future (UK)

Sheila is an expert futurist, facilitator and public speaker. She helps individuals, teams and organisations make sense of the complex web of change around them, see the potential of the future, and make it work for their business. She has a unique capability to synthesise and distill a complex array of trends and changes into coherent narratives that organisations can respond to. I learned much from Sheila when I worked with her on scanning projects - an amazing mind that connects the dots quickly and synthesises disparate information into coherent, well articulated reports


Shaping Tomorrow (Global)

Shaping Tomorrow helps members and clients 'Anticipate and prepare for tomorrow by making better decisions today'They provide extraordinary breadth and depth of global insights into the future and fresh forecasts and ideas. Shaping Tomorrow is an artificial intelligence driven, crowdsourced platform for information about change and analysis of that change to identify strategic options. I do work for Shaping Tomorrow occasionally and I recommend them to clients if their functionality will add value for them.


Centre for Australian Foresight (Australia)

I was a Founding Partner of the Centre, and while no longer involved actively, have no hesitation in referring people to the Centre if I don't have the background, skills or capacity to work with a prospective client. There are some of the best brains in Australian foresight here, so check them out.