Thinking Futures' conversations about the future framework helps you anticipate the future and use the future today as an asset, something to be engaged with, not observed from afar. My work puts people and collaborative processes at its core to create futures ready mindsets and strategy, both essential for deepening our understanding of today's change ecosystem and how to design strategic 'fit' in that environment.

How confident are you about your organisation's purpose in the face of your complex & uncertain environment? Do you assume your organisation will always exist? I help you design conversation spaces to explore new questions about the future, to move you beyond the status-quo.

People thinking collaboratively create the future. Not a plan imposed from on high. Do your people help you create your organisation's future or do you only consult and ask for feedback? I help you design collaborative conversation spaces where people co-create your organisation's future.

Reframing how we use the future in our organisations helps us see there are always multiple possible futures and pathways to those futures, not a preordained future. I help you design conversation spaces to move thinking beyond getting the future right to be ready for whatever future emerges.