Thinking Futures' conversations about the future framework connects the what and the how, the long term future with short time decisions and action. It puts people and collaborative processes at its core to create both futures ready people and organisations.

Futures ready strategy starts with identifying what an organisation does - its enduring social purpose that ensures social relevance in, and strategic fit with, its environment. Identifying what an organisation does and that this purpose remains relevant and sustainable into the future is at the core of futures ready strategy and organisations. 

This way of thinking about strategy provides the framework for working out how to achieve that future today, including how to be ready to proactively adapt strategy as the external environment changes. A strategic plan that doesn't lock people into a linear future but serves as an adaptable guide to decision making today is the aim.

Planning creates a plan, not futures ready people and organisations. Reframing how we use the future in our organisations helps us recognise our multiple possible futures and pathways to those futures. We seek not to predict a future or get the future right but to ensure people and organisations are ready for whatever future emerges.