Thinking Futures offers half day and full day public and customised workshops for your organisation.

Public workshops are advertised to Thinking Futures members and on social media. Customised workshops are designed around your needs, desired outcomes and time available.

All workshops are interactive and focused on providing practical outcomes in each area, outcomes that that be used immediately back at work.

If a workshop isn’t what you need, a one hour presentation to staff may be more useful. Presentations are on the same topics as workshops and are tailored to suit your particular audience.

Current Topics for Workshops and Presentations

What is this foresight thing all about?

The biggest gap in strategy development is the absence of foresight approaches. Explore what foresight is and why it's essential to use it in times of rapid and complex change.

Designed for people starting out with foresight and who want to use these new ways of thinking in their organisations.

What's covered

The workshop provides an overview of the field, approaches and tools, and how to integrate foresight into your strategy development processes.

Strategic Thinking: deepening your thinking about the future

Strategic thinking underpins the development of futures ready strategy. It is about thinking in new ways about the future, since strategy is about the future not the present or the past.

Designed for people who want to deepen the quality of strategic thinking in their organisation.

What's covered

The workshop provides an overview of strategic thinking and an introduction to a number of foresight methods to support that thinking, including scanning, pattern recognition across change shaping the future of your organisation and scenario thinking to explore alternative futures.

Environmental Scanning: seeing change that matters

Scanning allows you to filter that sometimes overwhelming amount of information about change. But how do you know where to look, decide what change is relevant and what is noise?

Designed for people who are new to scanning or who want a refresher on how to do scanning in practice.

What's covered

The workshops covers the undeniable rationale for a scanning system, how to establish an organisational scanning system, where to start looking for relevant information what tools to use,how to interpret and make sense of what you find and reporting and communicating your findings. Participants also develop an action plan to use scanning back at work.

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