Coaching concept formula on a chalkboard

I work with people who are ready to think about the future in new ways, who are ready to start using foresight in practice in their organisations.

Sometimes you might be able to move your organisation to a futures facing stance yourself. Sometimes you might need help and that’s where I come in.

With over 15 years of experience helping people use foresight in practice, I offer a coaching service to work with you to use foresight in your organisation.

This could be setting up a scanning system, using scenario thinking, or reframing your strategy development processes to move beyond strategic planning. It might mean meeting with your regularly for a talk about how it’s all going. You might need some direct input to help you design processes or to review a report.

My coaching approach is focused around your needs and I design our work together with you to ensure you get the outcomes you need, both personally and individually.

Here’s some of the people I’ve worked with:

Think Beyond
Victoria University
National Transport Commission
Get in touch when you are ready to talk about how we can work together to use foresight in practice.