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Thinking in new ways to create futures ready strategy

Welcome. Thinking Futures provides resources, research, learning and foresight project support to help you use foresight in your organisational strategy. If you are ready to think in new ways about how your organisation's future might evolve, get in touch to talk about how I can help you use foresight in practice.
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Scientific research. Deepen understanding of change with customised foresight research reports. Focus precisely on your strategic issues and change that matters for your organisation.

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Global Computer NetworkOn demand courses, webinars and workshops on using strategic foresight in your organisation. Build and enhance your strategic foresight skills and knowledge.

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Resources for anyone interested in finding out more about using foresight in organisations including Strategic Futures Guides, downloads and the Thinking Futures Insight Newsletter.

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The Future of...

future ahead conceptComing soon: The Future of … is launching early 2015. Practical ways to explore the future of what matters for you in your organisation or group, designed for your organisation alone.

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NEXT WEBINAR: REGISTER NOW Strategic Foresight: what it is and why we should care

Strategic foresight is a critical skill for developing futures ready strategy. If you need to know more about using strategic foresight or are just curious, this webinar is for you.

3 April 2015 7:00 AM AEDT

Attend this free webinar to find out what strategic foresight is and why we should care about using it in organisations.
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ON DEMAND COURSE: JOIN NOW What is this foresight thing all about?

This new on demand course is designed for anyone wanting to find out more about foresight or who is just starting out using foresight in organisational strategy.

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It provides a broad introduction to foresight and its underpinning principles that you let you familiarise yourself with what foresight is and how it can be used in strategy development.
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Ten pithy items on change that matters for your organisation's future free to your inbox each month. You'll also get access to my curated scanning site and my scanning insights. You can use the site for your own scanning too.

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As well as the newsletter, you can use my scanning site for free – access insights and store your own. Customised reports for your organisation are also available.
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When I established Thinking Futures in 2007, I saw the name as an abbreviation for ‘thinking about possible futures’. Over time I’ve adapted that in my mind to ‘thinking in new ways about the future’. […]

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Re-packaging the Strategic Futures Guides

When I set up Thinking Futures in 2007, I made a conscious decision to offer a range of free resources because of my commitment to spreading the word about the value of using foresight in organisations.

Since 2007, almost […]