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Understanding change implications, exploring possible organisational futures, choosing proactive

responses today. If you're ready to think in new ways about how your organisation's future might

evolve and what to do about it today, get in touch to get started.

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The Future of...

Coming soon: The Future of … is launching early 2015. Practical ways to explore the future of what matters for you in your organisation or group.

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Latest Thinking

  • Re-packaging the Strategic Futures Guides

Re-packaging the Strategic Futures Guides

  • 21st December 2014

When I set up Thinking Futures in 2007, I made a conscious decision to offer a range of free resources because of my commitment to spreading the word about the value of […]

  • Assumption Walls

Assumption Walls

Assumption walls are brick walls in your thinking that prevent you from seeing and accepting the new possibilities of the future.

You will know you have hit an assumption wall when you have […]

  • KSSS: keep strategy simple stupid

KSSS: keep strategy simple stupid

  • 31st October 2014

I wrote about slow strategy recently. Slow strategy is part of moving beyond conventional planning approaches. It occurred to me in 2005 that we needed to move beyond strategic […]

  • The Paradox of the Future 2

The Paradox of the Future 2

  • 27th October 2014

The last post The Paradox of the Future 1 outlined the nature of paradoxes and the need to craft futures ready strategy to address the tensions that arise from them. […]