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Thinking in new ways to create futures ready strategy

Understanding change implications, exploring possible organisational futures, choosing proactive responses today. If you're ready to think in new ways about how your organisation's future might evolve and what to do about it today, get in touch to get started.
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Strategic Foresight: what it is and why we should care

Strategic foresight is one of the most important skills needed to create futures ready strategy. It’s also the biggest gap in conventional strategy development processes.

3 April 2015 7:00 AM AEDT

Attend this free webinar to find out what strategic foresight is and why we should care about using it in organisations.
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Environmental Scanning: what it is and how to do it

Environmental scanning provides the information about change that matters for your organisation that focuses your strategic thinking on the future rather than the past and present.

1 May 2015 7:00 AM AEDT

Attend this free webinar to find out what environmental scanning is and how you get starting using it across your organisation.
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Using scenarios to think in new ways about the future

Scenarios are narratives, stories about plausible futures that are the end product of thinking about the future and what could possibly happen – as opposed to thinking about what will happen.

3 July 2015 7:00 AM AEDT

Attend this free webinar to explore the process used for developing scenarios and how that process can be used to craft strategy that is futures ready.
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Scientific research. Deepen understanding of change with customised research, explore alternative futures for your organisation and craft new strategy with people at the core.Find out more
Global Computer Network Webinars and workshops on using strategic foresight in your orgainisation. The first online course is now available (it’s free!) and more courses will be added soon.Find our more

Free resources for anyone interested in finding out more about using foresight in organisations including the Thinking Futures Insight Newsletter.Find out more

The Future of...

future ahead conceptComing soon: The Future of … is launching early 2015. Practical ways to explore the future of what matters for you in your organisation or group.

Find out more and register to be the first to know when we launch.

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NEW! First online course: What is this foresight thing all about?

This course is designed for anyone wanting to find out more about foresight or who is just starting out using foresight in organisational strategy. It provides a broad introduction to foresight and its underpinning principles that you let you familiarise yourself with what foresight is and how it can be used in strategy development.
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What they say about my work

The scenarios have been a very important contribution to our strategic planning. We have enjoyed the association with Maree, whose work has been of a very high standard indeed and delivered, under pressure, in a timely manner.
Professor Chris Cocklin, James Cook University
Maree was clearly expert in the scenario planning approach to strategic planning, she was open and honest in her dealings with us and provided excellent reference material and support to questions…The major workshops were under control, planned and managed very well. I admire Maree’s ability to distill data into manageable units and draw order from the chaos.
Michelle Hayward, Kangan Institute
The experience was a very positive experience. One of the issues for any organisation is always that of staff who may not wish to come along for the journey and ours is no different in this respect. All staff participated in the workshop. However their involvement in the scanning process was very patchy and perhaps did not work as well as hoped. Adjustments to the approach were made by Thinking Futures as a result which was great. A number of staff commented on the usefulness of the approach. The outcomes will provide a good stepping stone for moving forward.
A highly positive experience – it was a pleasure to work with a consultant who was always looking to value add what they had promised to deliver.
Maree’s deep knowledge of the University sector and understanding of trends in libraries was particularly useful, including her contribution to the environmental scanning phase. Her facilitation of the process and final presentation of the report was professional and achieved a good outcome that I was looking for.
Maree’s initial presentation on trends was a great talking point – her knowledge about the sector helped get people “on side” very quickly, and as a result discussions were enthusiastic and productive…We received some good feedback from participants – I’d definitely look at getting Maree in again next year to do a longer, more focused workshop.
Scanning Workshop Organiser
Just a note to thank you for a fantastic presentation. I really enjoyed it, it’s really got me thinking…
Dr Maryam Omair, Edith Cowan University
Thanks again for a great, thought provoking presentation.
I really enjoyed your presentation. It was one of the better ones of the conference and was very thought provoking.

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