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Welcome to Thinking Futures

My work is focused on using foresight approaches to understand the scope and implications of change for organisations to help you use the future in your strategy development. Explore the site and get in touch if you have questions or need more information.

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What Thinking Futures Does

Horizon Scanning

Bringing together information about change from disparate sources to expand and deepen understanding of change.Learn More

Future Scenarios

Using scenario planning to craft plausible alternative futures for your organisation and identify strategic actions for today.Learn More

Strategic Thinking

Building robust strategy that prepares your organisation for future challenges and uncertainties.Learn More

Foresight Resources

Providing a range of foresight resources and guides for you to use in your work and organisation.Learn More

Why work with me?

            • 14 years experience in helping people use foresight in their organisations
            • A primary focus on capacity building and transferring know-how for staff
            • Recognised expertise in environmental scanning, scenario learning, strategic thinking and futures ready strategy
            • Committed to open sharing of knowledge and resources to build organisational foresight capacity
            • Personalised, professional processes and practical outcomes characterise my work

What Clients Say

The scenarios have been a very important contribution to our strategic planning. We have enjoyed the association with Maree, whose work has been of a very high standard indeed and delivered, under pressure, in a timely manner.
Professor Chris Cocklin, James Cook University
Maree was clearly expert in the scenario planning approach to strategic planning, she was open and honest in her dealings with us and provided excellent reference material and support to questions…The major workshops were under control, planned and managed very well. I admire Maree’s ability to distill data into manageable units and draw order from the chaos.
Michelle Hayward, Kangan Institute
Maree’s deep knowledge of the University sector and understanding of trends in libraries was particularly useful, including her contribution to the environmental scanning phase. Her facilitation of the process and final presentation of the report was professional and achieved a good outcome that I was looking for.
Phillip Kent, (then) Swinburne University of Technology
A highly positive experience – it was a pleasure to work with a consultant who was always looking to value add what they had promised to deliver.
Belinda Wright, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

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